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Lean Centric Design
Enterprise Architecture

The world's most popular best kept productivity secret...
...Lean Six Sigma 2.0 is designed for next level capability...
...I|GSBP postgraduate qualifications that deliver the productivity realisation gap that makes you standout from the crowd.

Welcome to InteGlobal|
Graduate School of Business Productivity

InteGlobal is the provider of the DIFFERENTIATOR in business leadership Lean Six Sigma based business productivity training, and continuous improvement coaching services that can lead to the achievement of Lean Six Sigma postgraduate level qualifications. The only qualifications of their kind
accredited through the Australian Skills Quality Authority.

We enable organisations through internal capability development, to achieve sustainable efficiency and productivity goals. Through InteGlobal’s exclusive Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma programs, you’ll provide yourself with an unparalleled career advantage by gaining recognition as a “Qualified BLACK BELT” Continuous Improvement professional, and benefit your organisation by understanding how to lead, drive and deliver ongoing improvement and strategic efficiency targets.

Interrelated Courses That Build Over Time

Provides the academic skills and competency requirement to the leading edge LEAN CENTRIC DESIGN enterprise architecture model

1. Lean Basics of Process Mechanics

The basics of Process Mechanics and Lean Analytics are the daily operational capabilities that are a must have at all levels of organisation. [This is a standalone subset and credits of the Graduate Certificate in Lean Six Sigma]

2. Statistics for Process Control  

Understand where and how data is acquired. Know how to design source collection for it, in what form and type. How to trust, display and interpret for precise fact-based decision making. [A standalone subset and credits of the Graduate Certificate in Lean Six Sigma]

3. Basic Black Belt

Delivered exclusively by InteGlobal GSBP, gain the 91558NSW Graduate Certificate in Lean Six Sigma (currently subject to re-accreditation by ASQA), and also be awarded the BSB51415 Diploma of Project Management.

4. Advanced Black Belt

Delivered exclusively by InteGlobal GSBP – 91557NSW Graduate Diploma of Lean Six Sigma (currently subject tot re-accreditation by ASQA). ADVANCED Black Belt training includes skills and knowledge that is highly complimentary to analysing and resolving complex business issues.


TRIAL "FREE TO LEARN" MOOC [click on picture]

Remote access, anytime online classroom video led training designed to enhance real-time project execution. Experience now by clickng on the picture below. 


Global online students

Join our global online community of next-generation executives. This first course unit is a FREE MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) designed to give you a FREE TO LEARN start and experience for yourself the pragmatic learning and content routines that awaits.


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Your course teaches everything from the basics and basic concepts. I feel that I am learning the new topics from the concepts and hope I will be the one successful Black Belt in the future and can proudly say that I learnt the concept of Lean Six Sigma from yourself. I believe it is one of the best online courses, I have done so far. Thanks again.



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