Skills Partnership Funding

01. Exclusive Nationally Recognised Graduate Accreditation
02. The Industry Skills Fund – SMEs and Micro Businesses
03. Guaranteed# to Return on Investment
04. How Does it Work?
05. WIN WIN WIN Scenario
06. A Self-funding Postgraduate Program


01. Exclusive Nationally Recognised Graduate Accreditation

Postgraduate* Certificate and Diploma in Lean Six Sigma are unique being the ONLY nationally recognised Lean Six Sigma productivity qualifications on the AQF (Australian Qualifications Framework) that is administered by ASQA (Australian Skills Quality Authority).

Sitting at level 8 out of the 10 recognised levels. That is, the qualifications sit between a Bachelor and a Masters Degree.

As the genuine and original developer in Australia InteGlobal| Graduate School Business Productivity have exclusive rights to this program under a partnership with Lean Six Sigma Australasia.

*LSS postgraduate program contains recognised employability and workforce development skills.


02. The Industry Skills Fund – Training subsidies for SMEs and Micro Businesses

Industry Skills Fund

The $476 million Industry Skills Fund is a key element in the Australian Government’s National Industry Investment and Competitiveness Agenda and will provide up to 200,000 training places and support services over four years.

The fund will prioritise SMEs, including micro businesses and will be delivered through the Single Business Service, making delivery and access simpler and more streamlined for business, reducing red tape and improving value for taxpayers’ money.

The fund will assist Australian industry to access training and support services and develop innovative training solutions so Australia will have the highly skilled workforce it needs to adapt to new business growth opportunities, rapid technological change and market driven structural adjustment. The fund will commence on 1 January 2015.

For more information please go to the Industry Skills Fund website.


03. Guaranteed# to Return on Investment

The superior nature of the Post Graduate Program guarantees# successful outcomes.

Accreditation requires the accomplishment of three (3) productivity fundaments:

A. Delivery of a commercially viable ‘real’ world project portfolio of successful and quantified outcomes that satisfies the sponsoring organisaton.

B. Assessment of the correct use of the Discipline approach.

C. Evidence of skills and competency as outlined in the Units of Competency.


04. How does it work?

Follow this scenario:

A. Identify a mature team or group of capable employees from your enterprise to undertake the skills development Lean Six Sigma Graduate Program.

B. Meet with senior leaders and identify productivity improvement project opportunities. Assign the projects to the Graduate team.

C. Calculate the fees associated with the Graduate program:

1. Enrolment fee.

2. Academic training fees.

3. Tutoring/Project Coaching (12~24 hours per candidate).

4. Assessment of project portfolio and gap analysis fees.

5. Issuance of accreditation.


05. WIN WIN WIN Scenario

Everybody WINS! The enterprise is GUARANTEED# quantified productivity improvement – inherent in our Top-Down Lean Six Sigma approach.

The enterprise is generously SUBSIDISED to increase and add to the skills of its work force.

Customer of the enterprise will benefit from more efficient and effective products and services.

The nation is improved by highly skilled and very capable productivity-savvy future leaders.

The successful individual postgraduate Student is rewarded at a very prestigious ASQA nationally recognized level.
Everybody wins!


06. A Self-funding Postgraduate Program

Top down Lean Six Sigma Graduate Programs are self-funding, more so than any other Graduate program.

WHY? Because programs are motivated by real world commercial needs. Following our process correctly, Lean Six Sigma is a ECONOMIC PROFIT centre not a cost

* 91558NSW Graduate Certificate in Lean Six Sigma | * 91557NSW Graduate Diploma of Lean Six Sigma are the only nationally accredited Lean Six Sigma
qualifications. These are the highest qualifications available on the national register. Administered by InteGlobal| Graduate School of Business

# Guarantee| Qualifying participants of the Graduate Programs in Lean Six Sigma will not achieve accreditation without first obtaining, by affidavit
from a representative of the sponsoring company, notification that project portfolio results have been achieved to their policy and satisfaction.

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